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Directory Detail for Diana Huerta

Boston Neurodynamics, LLC
Diana Martinez Huerta MD
Brookline , MA 02446 USA

Phone: (610) 329-7095

Certificant No: E5737

Certification Levels:
Neurofeedback Associate Fellow Certified 4 Years until December 31, 2022
Practitioner Listing until December 31, 2022

Description of Services:

Diana Martinez is a medical doctor with a specialty in Neurorehabilitation. She has 10 years of experience treating severe brain injured patients in United States, Mexico, Spain, Italy, China, Brazil, Colombia and Honduras. She co-developed an integrative intervention including nutrition and Neurofeedback to rehabilitate neurological conditions. She is the CEO of NeoCemod Mexico, consulting internationally for Neurofeedback professionals. Currently, she combines clinical work and research, studying the effects of Neurofeedback in epilepsy as her Ph.D. thesis. She has been invited to give lectures to BFE and SABA.

Biofeedback Year 2005
Disorders Attention Deficit (ADD) and Hyperactivity (ADHD) Disorder
Cerebral Palsy
Depressive Disorders
Headache - Adult Headache
Learning disabilities
Neurological Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Traumatic Brain Injury
Education Level 4 = Doctoral
Gender Female
Practicing Profession Year 2002
Profession Physician