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Directory Detail for Mary Dellinger

Sterlingworth Neurofeedback and Counseling
Mary Blair Dellinger LPC-I, BCN
Greenville , SC 29607 USA

Phone: (864) 909-4250

Certificant No: E5787, HRV Certifica

Certification Levels:
Neurofeedback Associate Fellow Certified 4 Years until December 31, 2023
Practitioner Listing until December 31, 2023

Description of Services:

BCIA certified in neurofeedback, including LORETA Z-score training. Experience treating children and adults with anxiety, attention deficits, learning disabilities, TBI/concussion syndrome. Evening and weekend hours available.

Biofeedback Year 2013
Disorders Anxiety Disorders
Attention Deficit (ADD) and Hyperactivity (ADHD) Disorder
Depressive Disorders
Educational Applications
EEG applications
Headache - Adult Headache
Headache - Pediatric Migraine
Learning disabilities
Neurological Disorders
Panic Disorder
Sleep Disorders
Stress Management
Stress-Related Disorders
Traumatic Brain Injury
Education Level 3 = Masters
Gender Female
Practicing Profession Year 2013
Profession Counseling