Webinar 20-05: CU: Prof Ethics-Part II: NF, Clinical Anecdotes & Practicing

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June 26, 2020
Your Desk - 11:00 am Pacific, Noon Mountain, 1:00 pm Central, 2:00 pm Eastern


Part II. This second session will introduce ethical principles and practice standards for neurofeedback. The webinar will review the 2012 Standards of Practice for Neurofeedback and Neurotherapy, endorsed by the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research, and the 2018 ISNR Code of Ethics. The presenter will discuss relevant guidelines governing: entry level neurofeedback competence; scope of practice; the delivery of experimental or non-documented therapies; the informed consent process; principles of privacy, confidentiality, and privileged communication; guidelines on dual/multiple relationships; and questions of touch, privacy, and respect. The presenter will place emphasis on the imperative to maintain a positive treatment relationship, eliciting rapport and trust. Clinical anecdotes will be used to illustrate practice standards and likely problems. The webinar will close with discussion of the special challenges of practicing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar is under review to provide APA credits.

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