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Directory Detail for Nina Olson

Freedom Physical Therapy Services
Nina Colleen Olson DPT
Fox Point , WI 53217 USA

Phone: (414) 352-2082

Certificant No: P5866

Certification Levels:
PMDB Certificant until December 31, 2018
Practitioner Listing until December 31, 2018

Description of Services:

Licensed Physical Therapist with experience in treating adults with pelvic floor dysfunction, constipation, pelvic pain, urinary and fecal incontinence. Certified Trigger Point Therapist as well as a Certified Pilates Instructor.

Biofeedback Year 2008
Disorders Chronic Pain
Fecal Incontinence
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Physical Therapy/Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
Sexual Disorders
Urinary Incontinence
Vulvar Vestibulitis
Education Level 4 = Doctoral
Gender Female
Practicing Profession Year 2005
Profession Physical Therapist