Webinar 18-08-Clinical Update - CPT Codes-Facts and Myths - Joy Lunt, RN, BCN

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October 26, 2018
Your Desk - 11:00 am Pacific, Noon Mountain, 1:00 pm Central, 2:00 pm Eastern


In 1978 the AMA CPT Code Editorial Panel approved an application for EEG Biofeedback as a Category I code. Basically this means that the AMA group regarded this procedure as being in wide use and not experimental. In 1998, another application was presented to this same AMA CPT Code Editorial Panel. It was determined at that time that the codes for Bio and Neurofeedback would be combined under the description of Biofeedback by any modality. This was done because of low utilization numbers for each of these codes on their own. Some of the history of the CPT Codes currently being used in our field will be shared, as well as what we are currently involved in doing. It is very important for clinicians who provide these services to use the CPT codes properly. One of the greatest barriers we face is a lack of consistent and adequate reimbursement from insurance companies which directly impacts those who need these serivces. Please join us as we review the history of this process, as well as the future potential.

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