Webinar 17-06: CU: Active EMG Training for Chronic Pain-Part 2 by Randy Neblett

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May 25, 2017
Your Desk - 2:00 pm Pacific, 3:00 pm Mountain, 4:00 pm Central, 5:00 pm Eastern


This is the second of a two-part workshop series on active EMG biofeedback protocols which are designed to teach muscle self-regulation skills in a direct and time-efficient manner. Workshop participants will learn intermediate-to-advanced protocols including SEMG-assisted stretching for low back, neck, wrist, and knee rehabilitation.

You may purchase both Part 1 and 2 together at a reduced cost. Please use the drop down menu to determine the appropriate fee.

New International Fee Structure - Countries in Group I $40 or $60 for both, Group II $30 or $45 for both, Group III $20 or $30 for both, Group IV $10 or $15 for both. Each webinar is approximately 90 minutes, including a Q&A portion.

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Main Registration What will participants learn about Active SEMG Training?

1. SEMG-assisted stretching biofeedback protocol for necks, backs, knees, legs, and wrists
2. Use of video and range-of-motion measures to aid SEMG-assisted stretching
3. Use of SEMG for uptraining to aid knee rehabilitation
4. Professional considerations for use of SEMG as an adjunct to physical rehabilitation
5. Structure of training sessions, and essential clinical props needed for training


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